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Laporte, Michigan City Courthouses To Undergo Massive Renovations

Sittin The work includes replacing decades-old water lines and upgrading the electrical systems to better meet the needs of computers and other technology. "It's kind of a time bomb situation. There are water pipes there that could break at any time," said LaPorte County Councilman Rich Mrozinski. Mrozinski said many of the lines run above drop ceilings and if they burst important papers, computers and other expensive technology could be damaged or destroyed by water. "We need to fix it now before something tragically happens," said Mrozinski said. Aging boilers and air conditioning systems in both courthouses also will be replaced. There will also be upgrades to ventilation systems to eliminate areas too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter. Elevators in both courthouses will also be upgraded. Superior Court 3 will be relocated from the basement of the county complex in LaPorte to the mostly vacant second floor of the adjacent LaPorte courthouse. The second floor will undergo some remodeling to accommodate the move. LaPorte County maintenance director Jerry Cooley said much of the work will involve things practically beyond repair or too costly to keep trying to maintain. The electrical system also poses a risk for power surges during lightning storms that could damage equipment. Both courthouses will also become more energy efficient as a result of the upgrades, said Cooley. "If we had to go out and start fixing the stuff that's bad we'd be fixing stuff that eventually will have to be taken out and replaced with newer stuff. That's why we're going to clean up the whole mess. It'll be good for another 60 to 70 years so it's an investment worth taking," said Cooley. LaPorte County Council president Mark Yagelski said it'll take nearly two years to complete the work and financing payments won't start until all of the work is completed. He said the money will likely come from proceeds generated by the county's income tax. Copyright 2014 nwitimes.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. air conditioner Tags View Participating Chambers of Commerce Follow The Times
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